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On-Site Improvements vs. Off-Site Improvements

Maximize the potential of your commercial property by taking advantage of on and off-site improvements with BSI Build. Working alongside our contractors, we can pinpoint key on-site (such as stairs, parking lots, garages and landscaping) and off-site (including roads, sewer lines and treatment and utility systems) improvements that can transform your property by increasing its value while ensuring continual tenant occupancy. 

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Some of Our Past Work

Some of Our Past Work

Quality Elevating Site Improvements


Add Value To Your Development Project

Upgrading the on and off-site parts of your commercial building is an excellent, worthwhile investment that will pay off in both the short and long term. You can increase the value of your building, making it a must-buy for future investors and buyers while maximizing rental income for current and future occupants. 


Maintain Consistent Occupancy

The better your commercial premise, the more tenants will knock on your door. Stylish, luxurious and updated office, retail and commercial spaces are an attraction for clients looking to settle for the long-term and enjoy their tenure. You’ll never run out of interested parties, experiencing 365 days a year of profitable occupancy.


Obtain Necessary Permits
With Ease

Specific improvements, such as amending utility systems, might require permit application and approval from Municipal officials. While other building renovation companies hand the task to you, BSI manages it on your behalf. We eliminate the stress and pressure of obtaining the necessary permits by submitting documents and gaining approval for your project.

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People Talk About
What We Build

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At BSI Build, site improvements are more than just minor adjustments; they’re an opportunity to bring out the best of your building, reinventing its environment, upgrading its quality, and maximizing its monetary potential. Our tenant improvement contractors thrive in making lasting impacts with your ideas, working with you as partners, not just builders. From upgrading your interior to reflect your brand or making your parking lot a safe haven for employees, we’re ready to elevate your commercial establishment. 

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Lease Review

Save money and time, reduce potential problems and experience enhanced value when we review your leasing agreement before you sign it. We help guide our franchisees and retail location clients to make the right choice with their plans and buildings.

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