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What To Expect From Our New Construction Builders

New is always better! With BSI Build’s new construction builders, we can design, develop and deliver innovative, upper-end commercial creations, giving owners and developers a competitive edge. These new buildings elevate the quality of your business, opening up new avenues for revenue and establishing your brand in the community. 

We Build Better

Some of Our Past Work

Some of Our Past Work

Straight Talking, Industry-Leading New Construction Builders


How Do We Ensure Your
Projects Are On-Time?

Unlike other building renovation companies, deadlines matter to us. Our commercial builders manage both design and construction services under one contract. Our simplified design-build process is geared towards offering fast responses, early project budgets, and the overlapping of design and construction phases to fast track a project.


What Type Of Building Do I Need?

We are versed in highlighting the benefits of all building types, including fire-resistive (best for 75-feet+ tall buildings, made of poured concrete and protective steel), non-combustible (similar to the fire-resistive and used for newer offices), ordinary (typical brick-and-joist structures used for older designs), heavy-timber and wood-framed (commonly used for new construction).


What Goes Into A
Commercial Build Project?

It is stressful considering all the factors that go into building a new commercial property, from designing the interior to calculating the project scope and long-term maintenance costs. At BSI, we put you at ease by guiding you through every step of the project, even after we’ve handed the keys to you!

Our Clients

People Talk About
What We Build

People Talk About
What We Build

Lease Review

Save money and time, reduce potential problems and experience enhanced value when we review your leasing agreement before you sign it. We help guide our franchisees and retail location clients to make the right choice with their plans and buildings.

We’ve Got Your Commercial Building Solutions

Hire new construction builders that do more. At BSI Build, we give our customers a blank slate to create commercial buildings designed around their current and future requirements. Whether it’s a brand new piece of land or an existing premise, our team can provide you with the complete construction setting, coupled with our personalized customer service. Expand your business, attract new clients and open up new revenues with our team beside you.  

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