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BSI is a group of engaged, passionate, and talented commercial builders with your best interests at heart.

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Consistency is key when it comes to growing your business and expanding your brand.

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Innovation is the future of commercial real estate. Going with the flow isn’t our thing.

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We build places where people want to be. We make masterpieces from the mundane.

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Higher Standards = Better Builds

Elevate the quality, opportunities and value of your commercial property with BSI Build. Our industry-leading commercial builders will deliver innovative, high-end creations that exceed your expectations and transform your future while enhancing client experience. 

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Some of Our Past Work

Some of Our Past Work

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Turnkey Construction

From planning office designs to exterior site improvements, our turnkey construction approach will see us manage the entire process, from start to finish. You’ll experience less stress and a more streamlined, effective approach to construction. 

Personalized Service

Forget other commercial general contractors that box in your project. We break the box with our personalized service. Encapsulating your future requirements and personal requests, we deliver a unique experience that generates long-term results. 

Outstanding Design

Make your business and brand recognizable and a household name with our market-leading and innovative designs. We take pride in creating unique designs that break the mould, displaying newer and better quality and styles.

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Our Streamlined
Build Process

Sit down with us to discuss your project in an initial consultation. We can review your building, industry, long-term goals and needs.
We believe in open communication, as it results in better outcomes for you. Together, we’ll collaborate on the design of your project.
From pre-planning to construction, we will oversee your entire project, ensuring that we meet deadlines, updating you along the way.
Completion & Sign-Off
Upon building completion, we will perform an inspection and provide you with additional information to set you up for success.

Not Just Buildings to Drive Past

Planning With Precision.
Building With Speed.

Working with BSI means less wasted time, expended resources and misspent funds. Meticulous and on-point planning combined with forward-thinking momentum allows us to design and construct unique buildings in record time while exciting our clients. It’s the ‘X’ factor that separates us from other commercial builders. And it’s how we’ll transform your commercial property.