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Why You Need Commercial Design Services

Design is more than just adding some motivational images or styling the office; it’s about creating a unique atmosphere that makes employees happy, increases productivity and attracts new customers. From updating commercial interior ideas to site improvements, BSI Build will manage your design requests and needs, delivering game-changing, long-term benefits. 

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Some of Our Past Work

Some of Our Past Work

Game-Changing Commercial Design Services From BSI


Improve Customer Experience
Through Retail Design

First impressions count! So entice your customers and improve their experience by creating a unique retail design that reflects your company’s brand identity and personality. Through our commercial design services, we can plan, manage and execute your design ambitions so that customers will always choose your business over the competition.  


Enhance Productivity
Through Office Space Design

Spacious and stylish office designs and layouts don’t just make your business more attractive to new employees; it elevates their mood, boosts their health and makes them more productive. Experience a higher level of efficiency, better business results and happier employees when working with our industry-leading design team.


Increase Overall User Enjoyment Through Attention to Detail

It’s the little things that increase the comfort of your tenants and maximizes their enjoyment. While we focus and work on your big-picture vision, we’ll never lose sight of the importance of consistency and the little details that enhance the experience in your building.

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People Talk About
What We Build

People Talk About
What We Build

Lease Review

Save money and time, reduce potential problems and experience enhanced value when we review your leasing agreement before you sign it. We help guide our franchisees and retail location clients to make the right choice with their plans and buildings.

Expert Designs

From the first consultation and initial sketches to the finishing touches by our new construction builders, BSI brings together the entire design and building process, streamlining your project and eliminating the need for multiple hires. With our innovative, high-end design team, we will work towards your big picture vision, offering a higher level of quality, value and sustainability. Discover transformative commercial design services with BSI Build. 

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